Wisdom 1

Do you want to have wisdom?Wisdom know the lessons of history and can anticipate the future.She knows how to interpret what people says and how to solve problems.She knows the miracle that God perform.And how the history develop.
I will tell you what wisdom is ,and how she came to be,I will not keep anything in secret.I will trace her history from the beginning and make knowledge with her open to all.I will not ignore any part of the truth.
The Lord himself created wisdom;he saw her and organized her value;and so he filled everything he made with wisdom.He give some measure of wisdom to everyone, but he poured her out on those who love him.If you fear the Lord, honor and pride will be yours:you will be crowned with happiness and joy.
Anyone who studies the ways of wisdom will also learn her secrets.
Anyone who obstain wisdom will be greatly honored.Whenever he
goes the Lord will bless him.Wisdom servants are the servants of holy one,and the Lord love anyone who loves her.Those who obeys her have security.Put your trust in wisdom,and you will posses her and pass on your descendants.
Wisdom takes who looks for her,she raises their greatness.


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