Sails on the Blue

Farewell, farewell I have to leave again
Both hearts are empty, eyes are blinded
Tears of my love one,I’m missing for someone
Three horns for parting,many days of longing.

Sails on the blue without you darling
Cold open seas gives pain to my feelings
Suare heavenly you wait me for better
But not knowing when I’ll be back again.

Each one letters will delight us in dim
But those have losts sending through the wind
Both of us didn’t knew how it happened
And chords between us cuts and end.

Friend suggest you to find someone else
Then near heart offers to fill my absence
A shoulder to carry you out from vain
For blue,you sails with him a fun game.

My pal sent you my message
Where my heart’s words penned on a paper
Declares the truth of my home coming
But you replied for breaking with no explain.

Across the blue,back where I’d been
Thougts it’s the time we’ve been waiting
But I’d gave the heart a warm of forgiving
And to forget the insane of broken dreams.


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