Sign Lives

God’s flame of love,he decided
Earth’s created be treasured of the univese
He sent selected angels as followers
But world made more worst by heaven’s rebels.
And man created to fulfill a plan
Everything God gives to human in minds
And satan wishes destruct mankind
Lord’s made in perfect,,devil wips for vengeance.
God’s love still way of justice
He sent his begotten son in flesh and sanity
To teach world to will instead his angers
Man’s heart of stone still remains sinners.
Christ and his cross man’s life sign
What he did also to recieve
Life sacrifice in calvary he gained in pains
And death can free from cross of sins.
A sign lives to everyone’s life
No one be exempted to humans in the land
Even to cover eyes,hides or to run
Man he be crucified by his own hands.
Lost world to be found at an end
To start again to where it begins
Beginning to eternal will lasts forever
And forever is an end of everlasting.


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