Song’s Refrain

When I was a young boy pillowed my mother’s thigh,I told her on what my dreams to be.and she’s sang this song to me :
“Que sera sera what ever will be will be,the future may have to say,que sera sera”.And said to me,”son my only will is to give you birh and guides you to your old as a nice man and that’s my honor”And God’swill to you is by loving other’s,not choosing near fellows or friends.And he will give you gifts  that intend.Above all gifts that only his beloved son to have it.    And when I’m old,I understand what the song’s words means:Every human will can not paint for the future he wanted to be.God is father that guiding us on what perfect colors for us to use in life.And to perform for our selves and to share with people.


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