Jesus Christ is the King

In southern part of Judah(it is Judeah during the time of (Jesus Christ), here stands the city of Jerusalem.There’s a place located here called Hebron.Hebron has a town Eprath or so called Bethlehem.(book Genesis) where Jacob lives and his twelve sons born and became The “Twelve Tribes of Israel”.They lives as sheperds with thousands of flocks owned by their Father Jacob.Also in this place,David was born(Ruth 1:9)(Jhon 7:41-42) and became King of the whole land of Israel that ruined on the latter because they committed serious of sins.
Now.the engaged Joseph and Mary needs to go down Judeah to obey the law of census.They have no place or room to occupy for the pregnant Mary that is going birth for Jesus.A lot of people down in Judeah to register.
But the only reason here that God wants not Jesus to born in Jerusalem and census to point Jesus descendants down to his mother Mary the descendant of King David(Luke 2:1-7).And the highlights sheperds are first given announcement by angels about Jesus birth
The Bible declares that Jesus is the sheperd (Luke 2:8-20).He came down from! the throne to find the lost sheep of Israel. (Genesis 35:10)-God named Jacob Israel.And also his mission is to rebuild the ruined kingdom of his father King David that occured about 500 B.C..


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